First Annual – Turning the Wheel: Seasonal Celebration & Self-Cultivation Workshop Series

2021 events kick off with the Spring Equinox: Awakening with Spring workshop, 4-6:30pm on Saturday, March 20, 2021!

            We invite you to join us as we intentionally journey through 2021 by awakening ourselves to the power & magic each season has to offer. Inspired by the Chinese Law of the Five Elements & the Earth-based “Wheel of the Year” calendar, these seasonal observance workshops provide an opportunity for our community to come together to recognize, honor, and celebrate the natural rhythms of the Earth/Moon/Sun cycles. This workshop series provides the necessary tools & knowledge to help prepare you to live in harmony in health & wholeness as we move through the most important cycles of the year as well as all cycles of life & living.

            Humboldt Healing Arts, in partnership with Loving Hands Institute of Healing Arts, is exclusively offering this workshop series to students, alumni, & Church of Loving Hands members first on a first-come-first-serve basis. Spots are limited, so sign up today! Led by instructors & guest facilitators from 4:00pm-6:30pm on the third Saturday of the month (which is also the Saturday closest the landmark holiday) workshops are offered as a hybrid with the option of being in-person (following all Covid-19 public health guidelines) or by joining the sacred space via Zoom. See available pricing options listed below.

Drawing from the works of prominent teachers & experts in their fields, shared resources, and recommended texts, facilitators will provide context for each festival (the Neo-Pegan name for the seasonal landmarks) & lead community members though seasonally guided self-care practices, rituals, meditations, exercises, & reflections. Each event will be infused with concrete, practical applications of the Chinese system of medicine, yoga, plant & food medicine, the teachings of Dr. Rosalind Skyhawk Ojala & The Sacred Tree, & other earth-based traditions. Offerings provided during the workshops will help you to attune every fiber of your being to the ebbs and flows of the seasonal changes that constantly guide and affect us all – mind, body, spirit, & beyond. You will leave each session feeling rejuvenated, transformed, and buzzing with optimal health and wholeness; in oneness with yourself, your life, your environment, & the universe. Gear up to dance through 2021 filled with radiant joy & grace!

Spring Equinox: Awakening with Spring (March 20, 2021)

Location: Loving Hands Institute of Healing Arts, 32 Sunnybrae Center in Arcata, or Zoom

Guest teacher, Jewel McGuiness, CMT, AHG

Summer Solstice: Expanding with Summer (June 19, 2021)

Late Summer: Rejoicing in the Light of Late Summer (August 21, 2021)

Autumnal Equinox: Nourishing & Harvesting Fall Bounties (September 18, 2021)

Winter Solstice: Rooting with Winter (December 18, 2021)

Workshop Packages:

  • Base: $300 for all five workshops ($280 early bird pricing paid in full by March 15th)
    • All five workshops
    •  Printed workshop binder + inserts with each workshop & digital copies (both available upon request)
    • Two pre-scheduled 30-minute wellness consultations (a $40 value)
    • A copy of The Sacred Tree: Reflections on Native American Spirituality
    • Access to a closed Facebook Group
    • Access to Instructor videos of certain exercises & shared offerings 
  • Alternative, Donation-Based or Sliding-Scale Pricing: $215+
    • All five workshops
    • Digital copies of the workshop binder + inserts
    • One pre-scheduled 30-minute wellness consultation (a $20 value)
    • Access to a closed Facebook Group
    • Access to Instructor videos of certain exercises & shared offerings

Individual Workshops:

  • Base: $70 per workshop ($60 early bird pricing – dates TBA per workshop)
    • Live workshop
    • Digital workshop hand-out (printed copy available upon request)
    • Access to a closed Facebook Group
    • Access to Instructor videos of certain exercises & shared offerings 
    • 15% off a 30-minute wellness consultation scheduled within the season of the workshop
  • Alternative, Donation-Based or Sliding-Scale Pricing: $40+ per workshop
    • Live workshop
    • Digital workshop hand-out
    • Access to a closed Facebook Group
    • Access to instructor videos of certain exercises and shared offerings 

*More information on individual workshops coming soon!

To Register:

Simply send an email to to get your name on the class list. (Please make sure to specify which payment & workshop option you are interested in). You will receive a response email with payment links to Venmo & PayPal. (You may also send a personal check which we can arrange once we are in contact).

Payments to reserve your spot for the full series and for the Spring Equinox: Awakening with Spring Workshop must be made by March 18th! (Early bird pricing ends March 15th).

*For more information, please call Kara at 707-630-3993 or email her at

Basic Schedule:

  1. First, we will intentionally focus on casting a sacred circle and holding a safe space for facilitated, self-generated ceremony (meaning, participants will ground & hold inward focus in their private space/section of the circle)
    • To protect ourselves & cast the circle we will smudge ourselves, dance & chant our way around the circle, call in the elements and the spirits of the directions, & consciously ground our energy & the energy of the circle
  2. Most of the workshop will be spent moving through a series of:
    • grounding & energy exercises
    • meditations, gentle yoga, healing visualizations & breathwork
    • guided journaling activities & intention-setting
    • affirmation & mantra development
  3. Additionally, instructors will provide you with:
    • Practical guidance on easily implementable strategies for staying healthy with the season(s) & cycles of the year & of life
    • Instruction on the spiritual aspects of various earth-based seasonal celebrations
    • Tips & tricks for staying healthy with herb & food medicine, house & garden, work & play, community & spiritual
    • An invigorated vision & plan for the season as we transition from one season to the next
  4. We will end our session with a closing, re-opening the circle with the intention that we will all move forward on our individual journeys with the gifts we received
  5. 20-45minutes will be available for participants to share or ask questions
    • People who wish to maintain their inward focus may bow out of this portion of the workshop

*A welcome email will be sent to you before each workshop providing you with all the information you will need to prepare for the workshop, whether at home or in-person, including a list of things to have with you.

You Will Leave Each Workshop Feeling:

  • Attuned to the season
  • Alive & refreshed
  • At one with yourself, your life, your environment & your community
  • Vibrant, awake, & in-tune
  • A deeper sense of self-awareness, self-love, self-trust, & wellbeing
  • Vibrant, healthy, & rejuvenated
  • In touch with your intuition & deepest needs & desires
  • Equipped with the tools you need to implement healthy habits & strategies to consciously experience optimal health & radiance throughout the year

Recommended Texts

  • Staying Healthy with the Seasons: 21st-Century Edition by Elson M. Haas, MD (2003)
  • The Sacred Tree: Reflections on Native American Spirituality by Judie Bopp, Michael Bopp, Lee Brown, Phil Lane Jr., & Elders, & Illustrated by Particia Morris (1984)

Workshop Facilitators:

Lead Facilitator:

Kara Simpson, CMT, RYT-200

Kara has been studying & practicing yoga for nearly 20-years, and she has nearly 15 years of experience in the field of massage & bodywork therapy (CAMTC# 67469). She is a graduate of Loving Hands Institute of Healing Arts’ 500-Hour Holistic Massage Therapy program and was an apprentice of Dr. Rosalind Skyhawk Ojala’s through Universal Concepts of Health and Holism and the Church of Loving Hands. Her interest in a diversity of specialized healing modalities has provided Ms. Simpson with years of experience working in collaboration with and under the guidance of acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and movement specialists in clinical settings throughout Humboldt County and the Washington, D.C. area. Kara has completed two 200-hour structural alignment-focused yoga teacher trainings based in the hatha yoga tradition and has been teaching yoga since 2012 (RYT-200 #248230). Passionate about the holistic and integrative aspects of the healing arts, Ms. Simpson has also trained in reiki, aromatherapy, and herbalism. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Guilford College in Sociology/Anthropology with concentration in Spanish Language and Society and a Master of Arts in Social Science with concentration in Environment & Community. Kara is the owner of Humboldt Healing Arts in Eureka, CA where she runs her massage therapy & bodywork practice, offers private yoga sessions, and provides wellness consultations and business coaching to her clients.

Guest Teachers:

Jewel McGuiness, CMT (CAMTC# 55856), AHG

Jewel is a native of Humboldt County and has always had a passion for people, plants, and healing.   She graduated from Loving Hands in 2002, is a CA – CMT, a professional member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, holds certificates in clinical Herbalism, a member of AHG, and is a registered Flower Essence practitioner. Jewel has a private massage practice and small organic farm based out of Elk River, Eureka.  She is also a member of the Pan American Indian Association Thunderbird Clan of Redwood River Lodge. Ms. McGuiness has been an Instructor of Therapeutic Massage & Herbal Medicine since 2003.

*More guest teachers TBA as we turn the wheel!